Thursday, January 13, 2011

small but very meaningfull success

Mother Nature dumped another foot of snow on us and we spent yesterday enjoying her offerings.  As I sit and relish today's peace and quiet, I realized how awesome M was yesterday.

When we went sledding, he patiently waiting his turn to speed down the hill.  In the past, he never paid much attention to the rest of the kids on hill and would jump on his sled and head down the second he got to the top, even if others were waiting.  He watched and waited until the hill was clear so he didn't hit anyone.  When he careened off course, he rolled off his sled rather then hit someone or something. And when he was done, he asked politely and nicely if we could head home and then waiting while his sister and friend had one last run down the hill.

Later on, he saw his sister digging a fort in one of the huge snow piles in the yard and he headed out to help.  When she resisted his help, he didn't argue or freak out...he decided to build/dig his own nearby.  Later on, his sister's fort collapsed and she soon came inside to warm up and get ready for dinner.  M stayed outside to finish his and then asked me to take a picture.  He stayed outside for awhile after that and then came in and announced that he built another fort for his sister so she could have one for herself.  WOW!  We were all so proud of him!  The great day continued with little things like showering when asked the first time and generally not arguing or resisting our requests.

I'm so proud of my boy and all the great things I noticed yesterday.  Small but important steps...!


  1. awesome! not a small step by any means.