Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pre-snow blurts

The white stuff is forecast for tomorrow and both kids have started the snow day rituals in the hopes of a day off from school. Is there an anti-snow day ritual for moms?  Fork under the pillow instead of a spoon maybe?  I'll settle for a partial day of school just for the few hours of peace.

A friend asked why kids like snow days so much since it just meant a longer school year come June.  I think the kids realize that not much rigorous learning happens during the last few weeks of school as opposed to the "oh my G-d, we need to cram for standardized testing" period of January and February.  Its all about testing, no matter what the administration says. I really wish NCLB would be overhauled the emphasis on testing be taken out. I hate the stress it causes both of my children and the results never tell my anything I don't already know about my kids.

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