Monday, January 3, 2011

The return of homework

I hate homework.  Mike hates homework. Its torture for both of us.  I thank every saint and star daily that my daughter does her quietly and independently while Mike and I struggle through his.

Today's assignments resulted in some extra work for me.  "Continue research on Osama bin Laden and Mohammed".  Now, I realize he's in 7th grade and that 7th graders are supposed to know how to do research but I don't ever recall Mike learning how to do it and if he did, it didn't stick.  His idea of researching something is to type it into google and print something out no matter where it came from and what reading level it is.  He reads on a 3-4th grade level probably (waiting for his latest reading evaluation) so most of what he finds on google is not appropriate for him.  Last month, he had to research Italian culture (for consumer science), a current event related to science, and something about the heart and pulse (also for science).  Guess who needs an IEP goal added?!  and in the meantime, they need to provide material for these assignments that is appropriate for Mike instead of expecting him (meaning me) to pull out my hair and search the internet for him.

Next up was his English homework.  This class is co-taught by his SpEd teacher so I can usually count on it being well modified most days.  Today, the teacher read the Dr. Seuss book, Thidwick, to the class.  Mike had to write a response about a character trait he thought Thidwick had and why, and then what he thought Thidwick's  New Years Resolution should be.  Guess who didn't remember squat about the book that was read out loud today in class?!  Mom to the rescue with, of all things, you tube.  I found a video of some nice old grandmother reading Thidwick out loud for her grandchildren.  Thank you grandma and you tube for saving the day. 

Thidwick's resolution - just say no sometimes.  My resolution - to schedule a ppt and address these issues because its Mike's homework, not mine!

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  1. Lord does this ever ring true with me! My son thinks homework is the stuff you ignore and leave in the van, etc. Getting him to do it means a couple of tantrums, lots of frustration, and an exhausted mom when we're all done.