Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I remember when M was younger and all of his favorite shows were cartoons.
Now its How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory... I almost miss the simple, easy days of cartoon watching!  Both shows have led to many interesting and thoughtful conversations though so at the end of the day, they've helped M grow and thats always a good thing.

How I Met Your Mother has allowed him to ask me questions about adult topics - questions that may be uncomfortable to answer but better the explanations come from me then kids at school.  I'm always worried that he's going to blurt something inappropriate out at school to the wrong people so I try to take advantage every opportunity for conversations about adult topics, slang, etc. Barney has opened up those opportunities multiple times and its better then Two and a Half Men, which he was obsessed with for awhile!

And Big Bang?  I love that show!  We use Sheldon's quirks and idiosyncrasies as comparisons all the time when we are watching together.  Its an easy, fun way to point out that the funny but annoying thing Sheldon is doing is something M sometimes does too.  And I love that show too so its great time for M and I to hang out and enjoy something together. BAZINGA!

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