Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today is our first "regular" day post-Christmas.  We had snow Sunday and spent yesterday digging out of the foot and a half of snow we received.

I'm going to try to institute some sort of loose schedule today, written on the frig for both kids to see, to help organize the day.  The biggest challenge will be to get son to read.   Reading is his biggest academic challenge - his speed and comprehension are very poor which ofcourse effects everything else in school since each subject (including home ec) requires reading.  Its also the area that the school has disappointed me the most in.  Despite IEP goals about reading, I've seen no improvement in his overall ability to read and how is he supposed to write a paper about a current event in science if they don't provide appropriate material for him to read/use?  The vast majority of information we find in our own research is above his reading level and he's had 4 assignments where he is supposed to do his own research and write a paper this year (and yeah, being taught how to research would be helpful too!).   I can't wait until school starts next week so I can meet with this team about these issues again.

Success already!  I told him at 8:30 that I wanted him to read for 20 minutes this morning but told him he could play on the computer first while I finished up some stuff.  When reading time came, he went upstairs without argument and read for more then 20 minutes, finishing up his Whimpy Kid book - and I got all the vacuuming on the first floor done while he read!

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