Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last full day of school before the winter holiday break and I'm using every second of it!  I did some last minute errands, a quick work out at the gym and now I'm doing a major house cleaning so we can at least start the break with a clean house. I'm sure it will look like a disaster area by Christmas eve.

My biggest problem now is that we've got nothing planned for Christmas Eve.  Everything but the stores are closed, it will probably be too cold to do much of anything outside (oh how I envy people who live in warmer climates right now) and I'm sure son will be on edge.  Maybe a movie to fill up a few hours...some cookie baking with him doing a lot of the mixing and measuring? And we definitely need to work on practicing our manners when opening up gifts (especially if its something he already has or doesn't want).

Hopefully son will love his presents from Santa.  Most of them revolve around a central theme of spy stuff, his latest obsession.  At least he made a list this year.  I remember years where he couldn't make one and everyone would be asking what he wanted and not understanding that he didn't have a list.  then we had a few years where he put made-up toys on it since "Santa can make anything".

Happy Happy, Merry Merry!

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