Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Brother

Too often, my daughter gets the short end of the stick, especially when choosing something to do.  Activities are too often planned around my son's sensory and other needs to avoid meltdowns which makes for miserable times for all. He's more flexible then some on the spectrum but put him in a situation or place he doesn't want to be and its torture for all of us.
Daughter, who is 2 years younger, is very understanding and and we do try to schedule  time without her brother so she can do her thing but breaks and vacations always make that challenging.  Today, she wanted to go skating with a friend and son did not want to skate. Well, he was a wonderful big brother and sat quietly for almost 2 hours so his sister and her friend could have a great time.  Little successes like this make me jump with joy because it means a better time for the whole family.  Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) it lasts and all the positive feedback and praise we heaped on him sticks in his mind.

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